Friday, March 6, 2009

Milk does a body good?

I agree that we should watch more 30 Rock in class. It really is a good example of how conglomerate companies work. For example, I learned that General Electric owns cbs and the shows on it. This in turn allowed me to get a cranium question right. It is crazy how interconnected everything is.

Growing up there were only two distinctions that I really cared about when it came to television. There was Disney and there was Nickleodean. Now there are so many. Every cable channel has a cable channel and a movie company and a music label under its belt as well.

I was so so so shocked about the blurb of a documentary that we watched in class today. To think that it isn't against the law to falsify news is really disturbing. The news that we hear and the news that we see is through rose colored glasses. We are only allowed to know what the news stations execs want us to know. Useful information is easily omitted if it doesn't do the news station any good.

What would make it into the news if there weren't people monitoring the image of their sister companies?

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