Friday, February 20, 2009

Hey Mickey You're So Fine.

Well if it isn't that time of the week again where I meet face to face with my blog to discuss media and its ongoing role in society.

What to talk about? well we stated a new book in class this week, which I am not gonna lie I haven't started reading it yet. It reminds me a lot of a book I had to read for a sociology class called when affirmative action was white. It don't focus so much on race and society but it does show you how race move through time and how legislation was built around it. Just like race has moved in its role in legislation and government throughout time I am excited to see how it moves through media as well.

It is a concept that no one can really be familiar with unless they are the ones experiencing it. From what I know in this book it continues on with women in the media of well adding race to the equation. Just the other day the all of the "Bring It On" movies were on tv and I couldn't help but think how centered those movies were around races.

In the first one it is the Gehtto vs. high class. In the third one it is a rich girl movie to a poor neighbor hood. They are SO streotypical. At the "black" school they get down and know how to so called "shake booty" but on the upper side they know how to keep it clean and cut. I find it interesting that a franchise can make so many movies about such a blatantly obvious racial basis. Just a thought.

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