Saturday, February 28, 2009

Better Late Then Never

So I forgot to blog last night, but instead of just letting it past me by I thought I would still put something down. The thing that aggravates me is I totally had the blog all ready I just forgot to post it.

What I wanted to talk about was racism used as humor. I found a compilation of many racist clips from family guy.I am not very technologically savvy so I didn't know how to upload it onto here so here is a link....

In the media it seems like they constantly make fun of blacks, but it has become socially acceptable. I don't see anyone stoping fox from Family Guys ways. Even in some movies they openly mock the black stereotype. In Friday the 13th when the AFrican American Charater is asked to pump teh ga he says, "oh because I am a black man?" Or in Not Another Teen Movie they poke fun at how there is a token black guy in each teen movie just to satisfy racial equality. The black mans one line in the song is, "I'm only in this son because I'm a black guy." DO I even need mention that the sole black character on South Park is named Token? I think as long as the media keeps making African American's different they will remain different. Until the integration feels natural and not forced then the media hadn't been fully integrated.

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  1. Yeah, we do see a lot of comedy pieces, such as the offensive South Park using race as a put-down in some sort or another. All the ones you mentioned were particularly funny and inappropriate at the same time. In our group project, we will be discussing this very issue a little bit more-stay tuned. We hope to get the class' opinion on how comedy is used with the race card intertwined therein.