Saturday, February 28, 2009

Better Late Then Never

So I forgot to blog last night, but instead of just letting it past me by I thought I would still put something down. The thing that aggravates me is I totally had the blog all ready I just forgot to post it.

What I wanted to talk about was racism used as humor. I found a compilation of many racist clips from family guy.I am not very technologically savvy so I didn't know how to upload it onto here so here is a link....

In the media it seems like they constantly make fun of blacks, but it has become socially acceptable. I don't see anyone stoping fox from Family Guys ways. Even in some movies they openly mock the black stereotype. In Friday the 13th when the AFrican American Charater is asked to pump teh ga he says, "oh because I am a black man?" Or in Not Another Teen Movie they poke fun at how there is a token black guy in each teen movie just to satisfy racial equality. The black mans one line in the song is, "I'm only in this son because I'm a black guy." DO I even need mention that the sole black character on South Park is named Token? I think as long as the media keeps making African American's different they will remain different. Until the integration feels natural and not forced then the media hadn't been fully integrated.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hey Mickey You're So Fine.

Well if it isn't that time of the week again where I meet face to face with my blog to discuss media and its ongoing role in society.

What to talk about? well we stated a new book in class this week, which I am not gonna lie I haven't started reading it yet. It reminds me a lot of a book I had to read for a sociology class called when affirmative action was white. It don't focus so much on race and society but it does show you how race move through time and how legislation was built around it. Just like race has moved in its role in legislation and government throughout time I am excited to see how it moves through media as well.

It is a concept that no one can really be familiar with unless they are the ones experiencing it. From what I know in this book it continues on with women in the media of well adding race to the equation. Just the other day the all of the "Bring It On" movies were on tv and I couldn't help but think how centered those movies were around races.

In the first one it is the Gehtto vs. high class. In the third one it is a rich girl movie to a poor neighbor hood. They are SO streotypical. At the "black" school they get down and know how to so called "shake booty" but on the upper side they know how to keep it clean and cut. I find it interesting that a franchise can make so many movies about such a blatantly obvious racial basis. Just a thought.

Friday, February 13, 2009

We're Not Gonna Take It

We're not gonna take it...or are we?  In class we were talking about the objectification of women in advertising.  I'm sure most women have negative or disgusted views on the subject.  However, it makes me curious how those women who choose to be objectified feel.  Of course, it means a paycheck but I can't help but wonder how they rationalize their behavior.  On any given day the average women wouldn't say yes to being objectified in an ad, but somehow we find women subjecting themselves to this degrading behavior.  For the right price, would you?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Don't Waste the Pretty!

So I am about to go see He is just not that into you and I have almost never been more excited ( except for maybe twilight and high school musical 3 [ those pesky double X chromosomes]). In high school this book was my bible. I read it daily and I took its wisdom and applied it to my every day life. Every woman who reads it is struck with a sudden understanding....

That not man ever in her whole life... has really been into her.

This movie I think applies a lot to what we have been talking about in class and I know that the teacher even mention that we could do an extra credit write up on it (which I plan to do after I have actually seen the movie), but as for now I am here to talk about the book. The premise is a man telling you all the reasons the guy you are seeing doesn't actually like you and that unless he is doing literally every thing a man should be then it isn't good enough.

I think that it puts unrealistic expectations for men and women. After reading this book men have a whole new obstacle to overcome. He has to live to a tee what the books says or he will be cast out as a man who isn't into the woman he is dating.

Women on the other hand have to suffer through the pain of being told that they are beautiful and a "superfox" and advised to "not waste the pretty", but still have the complex of the princess waiting for the prince. The author advises that a woman not pursue a man to ensure to find out if they are into them. In doing so women just have to rely on their womenly charms and sex appeal to bag themselves a man.

Overall, I am excited to see how they show this in a movie. The usual chick flick the guy always gets the girl, the girl always get a hot make over and everyone ends up together. In movies like this you get to see a different perspective.