Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am such an oaf

MY first posting and I am an hour and a half late. How lame am I. I totally forgot about it until right now and jumped out of bed (somewhat like an exaggerated cartoon character) to tune in and write my blog posting. I know it isn't any excuse, but it was my brothers 25th birthday today (well yesterday technically now) and I was in charge of his wii tournament/pancake eating contest/ poetry reading party. So many forms of mass media brought together. Between the iPhones used to look up poems to read, the iPod touches used to supply the music and the wii's used for entertainment purposes really I was indulging in a night of a Mass Media buffet. I was shocked by how many people I saw twidling with their iPhones. Aren't those expensive? Isn't the contract like 400 dollars a month? Aren't thy still the coolest little things ever? I would have to say yes they are.

I take writing rather seriously so it is somewhat difficult to think that this won't be my best work and that people will still be reading it. But if a blog isn't for grammar mistakes and confusing syntax then what is. For this class I am really excited for the opportunity to be able to write about what we learn in class and how is applies in our life.

What really stuck with me this week from class was the discussion of stereotypes. Having been raised mormon on the southside of chicago is like being raised not mormon in Happy Valley. Except a little worse with more gun shots and teen pregnancy. I was one mormon in a school of nearly 4,000. When people heard of my religious preference it was always followed by, "how many moms do you have," or "aren't mormons amish?". Not to mention the occasional inquiry about the infamous South Park episode. I was a living stereotype. When I made a mistake it wasn't just a mistake it was everyone pointing out how it went against my religion. While other high school students were considered tame if they kept the teen drinking to weekends I was ridiculed by friends if I let an F bomb out under my breath. I was never one to live to the mormon stereotype, but yet those around me expected me to live it to a tee. I tried my best and I kept my mistakes secret so I could maintain my squeaky clean image. When my friends hear of my transgressions they don't often believe me. They give me a look like it is impossible. Is it impossible for there to be a strait man who dresses impeccably? no it is called a metrosexual. Is it possible for a overweight person to be unable to loose weight despite a healthy life style? sure it is called a thyroid condition. Media leaves its mark through these stereotypes (ie. Big Love, House, Gossip Girl, so on and so forth). Before we limit others to a two-dimentional description we learned off of South Park we can learn more about a person and their culture by finding out who they actually are instead of who we assume they are.

I am guilty of stereotyping. I may not broadcast it on this blog for my classmates to read, but I Assume things all the time. And you know what they same about assuming. It makes an ass our of you and me.

I will never post late again, but as a birthday present to my brother it would be cool if the tardiness could be excused. If not I understand. I look forward to this class and writing my feelings about media. I love TV, movies and newspapers (Crosswords specifically) so I feel like I have a lot of exposure. Not to mention I spend almost every free moment I have on my computer surfing the web. By Surfing the web I mean pushing refresh on my facebook page every 5 minutes....3 minutes... 30 seconds. Again with stereotypes I may seem like your typical girl. I like chick flicks, I watch gossip girl, and I check PerezHilton religiously. However I don't usually wear make up, I hate cuddling and I love watching movies where things explode.

You'll learn much more about me throughout the semester and where my feelings lie on many issues


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  1. Your writing is great, and I look forward to reading more from you in the future. Unfortunately, I am a bit of a hard-ass on deadlines. Fret not, and just make sure you get it in on time in the future.